Lokar Kickdown adjustment

I have a Lokar kickdown cable in my '65 Barracuda, 318 w/ Edelbrock 1406 carb, cable shifted A904. It's never been adjusted correctly, I used to just leave a bit loose/ longer at the carb side, so it would shift when I wanted it to. Now I want to fix that and I read somewhere here that I might have to move the mounting point a bit more in on the lever on the transmission.

Since the transmission is in the car and it's not that easy to reach I was wondering if someone has done this and could possibly tell me where to drill the new hole. I would like to limit the trial and error to a minimum.

I heard there are a few different levers out there and who knows if this one is even originally from a '65 A904. currently the holes are 1-3/4" center to center from each other.

Any ideas?

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Plenty has been posted here, there are tech articles elsewhere and Lokar has their own instructions.

The ratio has to match 1:1

What I did when I ran two of them:

Measure: Carb throttle shaft centerline to the kickdown ball pivot (as mounted in the correct throttle lever hole) centerline.

Duplicate that measurement on the lever and drill the hole. Centerline to centerline exactly. Make sure your drill bits are sharp, good quality.

Then hold the throttle wide open, pull the cable all the way forward until the kickdown lever stops, tighten the cable set screw.

You want the kickdown lever to be all the way back when you hit WOT.