Lokar Kickdown adjustment

You should start with it adjusted so that the lever on the transmission is pushed all the way back when the gas pedal is on the floor. Notice I said gas pedal, not grabbing the throttle at the carburetor. Block the pedal on the floor and them make the adjustment so the lever is all the way back at the transmission. This is a starting point for adjustment ans normally will have the transmission shifting late and hard. From there, you can adjust to your taste. If it does not shift late and hard adjusted at the starting point and if it does not down shift when the pedal is depressed, then the kickdown bolt in the transmission likely needs adjusting. As mentioned above though, if the kickdown cable (or linkage) is left loose, you can very easily burn the transmission up and it does not take long. It's not a Chevy. It MUST have the kickdown hooked up, adjusted correctly and operating.