Tire Size 68 Barracuda

I’m going to have to measure bc I’m not sure. I’m not fluent in this topic as many of you guys so I’m doing my best. Here is my car now. Definitely would like to put 245 in the rear but again, not sure if they’d rub or not.

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Great looking car! :thumbsup:

Based on your pictures, I'd say you're already running the biggest tires you're going to make fit with that set of rims. At least really close to it. What size tires are on it now?

A 245/60/14 needs a 7" wide rim, and I would wager that's not what you have on there at the moment. Even if it is, it looks like you'd need more backspace that you currently have to make it work.
Right now I have 215 in the back and 195 in the front but both are leaving plenty of space. I’ll send more pictures later when I get home.