Tire Size 68 Barracuda

If you read the tire manufacturers' recommendations, the widest tire you can fit on the stock HD 14 x 5.5" wheels is 215 (so, 215/70-14). If you have the standard 14 x 4.5" wheels, it would be 205/70-14.

I am assuming A56 is running 235/60-14 because 235/70 would never fit, and I don't think anyone makes one, anyway. But 235 is technically too wide for the rims.


Can you cram wider tires on there? Sure. Of course squeezing it on there will deform section width and the tread pattern, so then you have to run lower tire pressures if you want to improve the contact patch. And then the sidewalls get floppy, so you lose handling performance. So you get to say you're running wider tires, but really you're not gaining any kind of actual performance compared to just running the right size tire for the rim on there.

Assuming of course you can find an installer that will install them. And then there's any kind of warranty, and just because they installed it doesn't mean they'll honor the warranty later when you bring the tire in 'cause the tread is wearing funny.

Follow this with a bunch of posts saying " I did it and it worked fine because I'm not dead", because plenty of people never drive anywhere near the capabilities of even the hockey puck hard, all-season "performance" radials that will no doubt be used, and probably "time out" their tires rather than actually wear them out. But hey, they definitely know more about tires than the people that actually make the tires.