Dual quad info

Got Lokar throttle cable installed. Had to do some minor mods to make it work, but seems to work great.
While tweaking/setting timing I noticed an oil leak at rear of intake on China rail. I was a little shy on RTV :BangHead:
Cuda fires right off and seems to run good(in park anyway lol)
I was hoping to take for test drive then discovered oil leak.... no 1243 gaskets on hand so I'll order some.
Still running rich as f**k, but wanted to get timing nailed down 1st. Also looking for another tach for verification.
One tach says its idling at 500...seems low?
Idling in park, then putting in gear the rpm doesnt drop "much", maybe 30-40 rpm.
Heres readings so far with va unhooked and plugged
IDLE, 500 rpm, 17*, Mani vac 11-12"
1000 rpm, 21*, 15" vac
1500 rpm, 25*, 17.8"
2000 rpm, 28*, 18"
2500 rpm, 30*, 18"
3000 rpm, 31*, 17.5"??
4000 rpm, 38*
4100 rpm, 40*