Lowered Price, Post Deleted

If it’s not written then how can you just arbitrarily decide an amount? If people follow the rules of the forum how can you just decide you don’t like it and veto them?

Never been a mod myself (not a fan of donating time to something that is a for profit). But I would think your role is to just enforce the rules set by the owner(s) of the forum.

I'm the owner, its my rules.

Because changing the price by one penny is bumping your ad. Stop bein stupid.


I didn’t break any rules but clearly this is not a place that worries about having the rules and guidelines written down that they actually care about. Am I allowed to post a for sale in the general forum area as well or that only for gold membership folks?

Just trying to figure out all the mystery rules before I break another.

You know, I have no problem when you lower the price by a reasonable amount. One penny is not a reasonable amount, and I would bet your not so stupid so as to not realize that. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you are that stupid. It's More likely that your bullshit got caught and you're not happy about it. So, it's time to start drama and whine about your post being deleted. Grow up and man up.