Lowered Price, Post Deleted

What I think doesn’t really matter does it? I’m not a mod nor do I own the site. There is clearly some “reasonable” price adjustment that the powers that be have in their heads. All I’m asking for is that to be written down so this doesn’t happen again.

I’m literally asking for the guidelines. Just saying something isn’t reasonable without defining what reasonable is doesn’t help.
I don't understand....I asked what you think and then you reply with ''What I think doesn't really matter...." and yet you keep asking for the guidelines. Do you still need guidelines on how to act when you go out somewhere? You should have been taught that when you were young. Look at rule #8 in the 'guidelines' for posting in the classifieds. If you're not sure about what to ask, lay down a price and then add 'OBO'. That isn't good enough for you?? If you do not get any offers, reduce the price but man, it's clear to me when someone reduces the price by 1 cent is merely bumping an add or being defiant....which is basically the same, no?