Which A-bodies do big blocks fit best in?

???? a day to get the motor out? really? i could get a big block out just as fast as a small block. maybe faster because the bell housing bolts sre so much easier to get to on tbe big block. i used pro parts headers on my demon and didn't have to put any dings in them at all. the 64 valiant i had custom headers made and they were easy as hell to get on and off.
My 440/505 is in the stock location, determined by the factory trans. mount , with victor type heads on it , there is very little room on the pass. side , can just slide you fingurs between the head and fire wall , but the wiring harness cross over there , barely room for it ....
The trans to engine bots are a ***** in a 68 barracuda in my opinion , if doing it over I`d use spacers between the k frame and frame rails , like the factory hemi cars did ...
If doing it over , I`d more likely build a big small block , way more room !!!

And dont even think about changing even a mini starter in it with 2'' headers , w/o taking the drivers side completly loose ...Put a good mini starter in it to start with ,
"dont scrimp on that !! "

And Joe , you cant even get the header bolts off of mine as fast , or the trans. bolts !!