360 Magnum Daily Driver (but fun too!!!)

I think too many people think an aftermarket EFI is the same as the very reliable, robust, and perfect system we all have in our daily drivers. Their not!
All the major auto companies are worth billions of dollars. They spend millions and millions and millions of dollars getting every engine they put out to be the most efficient and reliable it can be.
Now I'm not saying the EFI systems from Holly, Edelbrock ,etc. Aren't good but they definitely aren't as reliable as a carburetor.
Example. My wife and I just spent our vacation driving all over western Canada. Prairies to the foothills and then all through the rockies in my 2012 ram. If something happened to the truck I could hook up my cheap code reader and find out what's going on. Or maybe you have to take it to a mechanic. OK, even most small towns have a dealership, doesn't even have to be the same make. They can find the problem, order the parts and your outta there the next day. It's modern day factory parts!
Now same trip in your old mopar with a aftermarket EFI. Maybe you got the self learning one cool. So after days or weeks of driving this thing is diald in. Now in the middle of nowhere in the mountains say it fucks up. So you get it to a mechanic or dealership and I guarantee they are going too look at it with a confused look on their face or maybe not at all. And you will be paying them to learn!
So after alot of back and forth with the manufacturer you find out what's wrong and they ship the parts which will probably take more than one or two days (hotel cost, loss of vacation days etc.) To arrive. $$$$$$$$
Or put a nice new carb on the thing and drive anywhere!
Learn to tune it. Easier than an EFI IMHO. Have a cheap, good ,used carburetor in the trunk just in case. Four bolts,a couple clips and your running again!
Also I think this fascination with aftermarket EFI "will allow my engine to last longer, because of EFI " is ******* stupid.
If you're on this forum your a car guy. You probably notice every single noise, blurp, miss.etc. so you are going to keep a carb in tune. The old carbed engine's that washed cylinder walls down with ecsess fuel were driven by your great ant,your grandparents, your passed off dad going to work.
They didn't care back then. Doesn't mean that's the way it is with carburetors!
I think throwing darts around that wanting EFI doesn’t make you a car guy is a bit harsh - that’s your opinion. From my side, I’m set on EFI for this project but for future builds that will not necessarily be the case. I drive this car on a 40 mile round trip to work, every day, including cold starts on winters mornings, I really want to try out EFI. I get and appreciate this might not be everybody’s preference but don’t feel this doesn’t make me a car guy. All the advice here is welcome and the vast majority is hugely useful (my shopping list will be posted here soon - for approval/debate LOL) - but it’s clear, in the majority of ways you slice it and dice it on this forum, everybody has many different opinions but I’d hope we’re all car folks, carb or EFI…!…