Progression Distributor in a Duster

I bought one for my Duster 360, 2 years ago !
Adjust with your phone !
Best money ever spent ! For the regular guy, it's a no brainer. The older you are, the more you will like it. With this spark, the plugs are so clean, now I can add fuel.
Sell your msd, spring kits, and colored boxes or just throw away. You don't even need a timing light for install.
I had just one nut in the way, over top of Dist cap, on install. removed the nut and bushing, cut the bushing in half, discard half, and put back together.
This set up actually helps you become a good tuner. All the hassel is gone ! Check your plugs and move on !
Install with a relay for best reliable spark, of course.
Go to youtube ! Definitely not junk !
Ignition first, then your carb !!
Love it !