LED for work shop

Those are 9000 lumen lights up just over 10 feet by the way. With your building, your better off with 2 rows of them with a reflector or reflective ceiling.
Yes. I'm looking at the ones with the reflectors.
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With reflectors hanging down about 7 inches. I got these off the old florescent lights. They are easy to find if you look for them on garbage day. Also led’s are bright right away in cold temperatures. I have cold weather florescent in my other hobby shop and it takes a while for them to heat up and get bright. Those lights are getting pricey.
Any shadows?
How tall is your ceiling? I have 14' ceilings and installed the UFO style lights meant for a warehouse. They sell different UFO lights based on the hight of the ceiling as they will "tune" the light pattern some. The ones I have are "600w equivalent" and I used 4 in the shop side and 6 to cover the garage area in my 35x80 shop.
12ft at peak. Ceiling will be tongue and groove, so I'm trying to make it the eye catcher.