Safe 8 3/4 axle lift

Yessir. My old man had a ‘78 F150 I drove a decent amount growing up. My wife wanted this one and I’ve got a soft spot for the old Ford trucks so we bought it.

‘71 F100 with a rebuilt 390. Upgraded to the later NP435/NP205 out of a ‘77 after my wife tore the output shaft out of the old single speed Dana 20 transfer case doing burnouts with the 35’s. The compound low in the NP205 is a great upgrade.

Still use it a bunch, especially in the winter
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If the wife likes it, she's a keeper! I've had mine a little over ten years now. 75 F250HD (F253 on the data tag) AND it also got the camper special package. Old Gladys is one heavy duty truck.