Is it possible that all the affordable project cars are now taken?

Another tale. I traded a F body wagon I had NOTHING is for a 64 Belvedere running poly 318 car darn near rust free, 2-3 year ago. Solid car I had to replace the windshield and back glass, did all the body/paint, new tires and 2 TorqThrust, added carpet, new A100 style buckets, exhaust, tires. Nice driving car. I loved it but I wanted to get down to 2 keeper at my old age. First more door I have ever done ever. Advertised it everywhere for a good year at $3500-4000, had that in it, finally sold it to a guy 600=700 miles away for $2000 but I kept the new A100 seat and all the tires/wheels. He did the modern hemi conversion to it for a fun driver. More door. Hard sells in the Mopar world here.

F bodies are still plenty cheap and but hard to find a good solid project one here. Plenty in the rust belt and rusted looks like! Yes they are going up somewhat. Early A bodies can be found here as cheap projects needing everything, slant cars usually, But a guy needs to buy a project car he will love and enjoy spending the $ and time on it.

Over the decade since about mid 80s I have run the gauntlet of Mopars. Went from 70-1 E bodies, mosttly AAR, TA, 6 packs, 1 hemi to 68-70 B Bodies all flavors, early B bodies, then 71-4 B bodies, then mostly early A bodies and Dusters, then back to some early B bodies and my lastest is a 64 Comet and 66 Fiarlane! But the fords are cheap and plentiful and I like them too!