Is it possible that all the affordable project cars are now taken?

seems to me i see an occasional inexpensive project and a occasional decent priced driver quality. but it is definitely slowing down !
Here in Texas I am seeing slightly more better priced projects in general. Slightly. Maybe its the heat! The economy will eventually push the NON RARE models down I believe as the economy and interest rates play a role on the NON wealthy hobbiest. Rich people have no issue with inflation, unemployment, interest rates. The price of the MOST desirable models has always pushed up the price of the lesser models. I can always find lots of cheap 73-6 Duster projects here in Tx. but they are always even cheaper in
Ok Ar. Mo. Ms. La. but so much less desirable in general. But what was cheap 3,4,5 years ago is not that cheap today.

Back in the 90s I loved the 68-9 Roadrunner and Bees. But I had been used to buying a reasonably solid and complete 69 Runner for $1000-1500 in early nineties. Then by the late 90s came along and then they were priced at $3500 minimum. NO sire!!! NOT me! But I could occasionally find a good home built one for around $5500-6000 needing nothing! Bingo! We all know that a real 68-70 RR project is not common today, and rusted out, half parted out POS and they insist its worth $7500 and the same in a 68-70 Charger is what $10000 and UP! ha Problem is the supply of those projects in those models is dried up! Then they say look what that car brings on Mecum but they never figure in the labor and costs. Not talking about the guy that writes checks for the build. And that same Mecum car will be darn hard to sell out of your garage for that $.

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