Is it possible that all the affordable project cars are now taken?

I searched all over for a rust free 70 Dart In 2001 I flew to Reno and drove my 70 Dart to central Fl.

I paid $3500 for slant 6, KelseyHays with fresh paint that was er...ok job,

that burnt, smoked, leaked, and blew oil all over the underside, 27 quarts from Reno home. Replaced by a warmed over 360 magnum

Now 10k later, I have completely addressed EVERYTHING, is either new or rebuilt, remanufactured, down to rubber brakes hoses, and new stainless brake lines

Interior needs some work body work and paint which will put me at 20kwhen I'm done

Not charging for my own sweat
Yes you can do it for less, but to have something where EVERYTHING is addressed you are going to spend $$$$

My motivation, as turn key as possible, I've spent 40 yrs scrounging hopefully to find something I can recondition, or rebuild.

I'm finally at the point where I won't ever take in an everything rebuild any more.

I'm fortunate, I feel pretty good that the finished car would get pretty close to what I have in it.

Young kids that are passionate about cars are 50 ahead years of us oldsters, I know I just went on Medicare, thank God !!

I'll be passing the car to my son in a trust that he can't sell it, it has to stay in the family

My son wasn't interested in any way to bench race the building of the car, now that it's close to rolling it's. Different story.

Thanks for the rant,
CPT James