High flow thermostat and high flow water pump. If you do one without the other (especially the high flow water pump with a standard thermostat), you're not doing anything. The high flow thermostat by itself can actually make a difference. In MY personal experience and opinion, any REAL high performance build benefits from running as cool as possible. I like the 160 high flow thermostat because it opens soonest and doesn't allow the water in the engine to get as hot as quick. It's all about getting the water OUT of the block AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before it starts getting really hot. The quicker you get it in and out of the radiator, the better. Those who say you need to slow the water down so it stays in the radiator longer don't have a clue how a heat exchanger works. If the water is as cool as you can get it going IN and the radiator is doing its job, it will be even cooler coming out and that's the name of the game. Just tune the engine to run well at the lower temps and you'll be fine. This is simply my opinion backed up by my experience of doing just what I've outlined for many years. It works. I wouldn't mind seeing what you're using to take those infra red pictures with.