Cooling issues

Thanks for response. However, I was really only soliciting Radiator info/feedback as I look to change it.

Full Story for everyone's benefit. Car ran hotter than I prefer before the rebuild and would puke after shut down. I knew I was getting ready to rebuild the motor so wanted to revisit after it was tanked, new water pump, new heater core etc. The car has two temp gauges. the stock one and iequus analog .. both have new sensors on rebuild.

During Cam break in at 2500 RPM Analog got up to 225 and stock was at full right "hot" when I shut down run one at ~ 12 minutes into break in. within 30 seconds heater hose blew clean off firewall. We repaired the heater hose and went for two shorter break-in runs, it was still getting very hot. Knowing this was break in and temps are high with only a small fan to blow on radiator. I wanted to re-evaluate on the road. First two trips withing 3 miles temps were in the higher range of 200 and climbing if stopped. Not wanting to damage my new motor I have kept the runs short, not letting it get above 210 on analog and decided to look to replace the Champion 3 row that came with the car. I have had issues with their radiator providing adequate cooling on my built 66 Charger 440 so I was already skeptical.

So long story short. I somewhat agree if it's not blowing its probably not as bad as I fear however it is still way hotter than I would prefer. I ordered the Cold Case Radiator and will report back once it's installed. Thanks for all the feedback.

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Report back with your results. I hope it works out for you. I puked coolant out at a car show, mid suller, 90+°, very humid, and I was running the A?C. Al soon as I shut it off it blew like Old Faithful. It was a defective cap not holding pressure.