Need Carb advice for new Big Block build.

When you add up the additional height of the 4500 carb (4150 is shorter), raised/extended intake ports and a reversion spacer/nitrous plate/etc. You run out of room under a 6 pack, hemi or 023 scoop. A 6" scoop is no problem depending in the intake/spacers/etc.

For instance, the early 70s DC tunnel ram scoop does not come close to clearing our 511" Indy -13 low deck that has an Indy t-ram (4500) topped with QF 1050-AN carbs using HVH adapters with no filter or velocity stack. You run out of hood/scoop clearance quickly with all of these hotrod parts. I design my jnduction systems with a 14x4" filter minimum with 1.5" drop base max. So far no strange issued with AFR readings which leads me to believe the fuel curve is stable.
Is this set up in one of your chargers or the dart ?
I was going to purchase a scoop from a good member on here and figured I will also be about 1 inch below the top of a super stock scoop.
If I wasn't running 2 inch merge spacers on my tunnel ram I probably could run that scoop but I am leaning towards a early 70s pro-stock scoop to tie into the entire goal of the car.