Need Carb advice for new Big Block build.

GTS is a low deck with 440 source heads, M1, 1/2" plate, 1.5" drop base 14x4" filter. Scoop is a 6 pack. Thumperized 4150 QF 1050 down leg carb

Red 66 Charger wears a WO23 scoop over the 511" MW victor headed motor with an Indy 4150 low deck intake topped with a Holley 4150 EFI throttle body and 1/2" plate.

Black 66 Charger wears an extended early 70s PS scoop. It is similar being a low deck 499" (4.150 stroke) however it has Indy -13 heads, Indy t-ram and the adapters/carbs listed above. I think you will need to make your scoop taller to run air filters.
Air filters are a good thing out here in the land of lava dust. I tuned a car with no filter and it was suprising how nasty the carb was after a few races.
Nice × 3 and thanks for the advice.
My blp got pretty nasty from just running on a Dyno so yeah I'm definitely going to figure out and probably make a sealed filter housing.
I'm going to try and remember how to glass parts again this winter and see if I can duplicate a ps hood scoop (taller)