Figured id share my garbage..

Don’t know what fans you’re running or how much room you have, but you may want to look into running a c7 corvette fan or 11-15 Chevy volt fans. They’re both SPAL brushless fans that can be PWM-. The c7 fan is 14” and 600watts. The volt fans are dual 12” and 300watts a piece. Both setups should give 3-4000cfm on full tilt. If you really have the room 2016+ Camaro SS fans are the ones to have. 19” 850watts. Moves close to 5000cfm. If you want part numbers I can give them to you. Can get them straight from GM for less than $300 and are far better than any aftermarket fan you could purchase. And cheaper too.

I have a northern radiator with their SPAL fan/shroud combo. Very space limited so I had to get their smaller fans. I don’t want to cut the core support and move the radiator but it’s looking like I’ll have to.