Hello from SW WI, my name is Galen Govier and I just signed up to this site.

I didn't expect this to be such a brown nosing thread. You guys realize that he didn't cure cancer, right?
Yeah, the OP made a career documenting rare cars but it isn't as if he did it for free. He was paid for his work, as he should be. Nobody should have to work for free. He wrote and sold those "White Books" which are still a great asset to the hobby. Yes, he has earned some respect.
He did develop a reputation for ruffling some feathers too. I've read comments about L O N G delays for his service even after taking deposits.
There have been several people say that he has been seen at car shows opening hoods of cars (without permission) to look at fender tags. It has also been said that he has moved items from dashboards to see VIN tags, opened doors to see VIN tags....
I appreciate the work that he has done but touching a man's car without permission can get you an *** kicking.

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Or he could be a great asset to our forum and people could respect him for what he has done for the Mopar hobby.