New member- 73 Duster Project, South central PA.

Hello, quick intro here. I was a chevy guy back in the day, had Novas, a Chevelle, Impalas, a Camaro, and some old Ford trucks and Harleys. Never owned a Mopar car that I can recall anyway, but my wife has always liked the Mopars. Even when we were younger she would heads for the Dusters, Cudas, Darts and Road Runners etc. at any runs or events. Well we went to this past Mopar Carlisle, and got the bug. Been kinda lurking here since, stealing Chrysler wisdom. Just got a 73 duster shell project. Frame and pans look good, rest is beat up a little, was a 6 cylinder car.
Anyway thanks to all the people here who share their wisdom, the best comes from busted knuckles, trial and error, blood seat and tears, mistakes and wasted money. :thankyou: