5 Speed swap

for a T5 swap a late model mustang box with the longer input shaft
a kit to mount the speedo drive (split collar and shells to clamp output shaft)
and the tail housing of a chevy S10 truck modified to fit your later Wold class transmission might be a good move.

i am 90% there with this, the last 10% is due to lazyness and lack of motivation (i quite like my car running and drivable in the summer months..its been an 8 year project :) )

this whole idea is based on a set of ancient posts on here and on moparts by a guy called "Cageman" who appears to have managed to shove a similarly configured T5 into a valaint with little to no floor cutting

one day i'll be able to tell you if he was correct

Look up "valiant T5 S10" "Cageman" in goolge and you will find most of his posts listed

he has not visted any mopar site in years as far as i can tell. but does appear to be the only man in mopardom who fitted a tremec based transmission into a mopar without hacking out the top of the torsion bar cross memeber. or he just didn't care about drive shaft angles

note also his views on the cheap and appropriately angled 1986 chevy S10 clutch master..

Its the OEM part that appears to have been copied by all to make their expensive bolt on cluctch master for mopars.

seemingly has the perfect angle of dangle to fit with the contour of the firewall..and just needs a new hole drilled for the studs
these a $25 on rock auto if its too long in the pushrod i'm sure a new rod end could be grafted on

i'm siticking with the z bar as i have Right hand Drive car, and will use my standard bellhousing.

the ford guys destroyed many a t5 but really its how you drive , pleanty raced em and managed to keep them together. In many cases an 80s/90s mustang will weigh considerably more than a 60s 70s A body...which helps our case considerbaly. i.e not trying to accelerate a dead weight of eletcric windows motors central locking, thick sound deadening, airconditioning and rather plush recaro style seats that adjust in all 3 dimensions helps.


1986 chevy s10 master.jpg