Disappointing dyno results

Alright, I've been following this thread since the beginning and at this point I don't think the dyno is doing you much good. The operator clearly doesn't know what he's doing as every run it looks like there are issues... the dead #7 plug wire, really? Checking for all 8 cylinders to be firing is super basic, something he should've done before the first run. You shouldn't be the one responsible to make sure he's doing all the proper checks and running things properly. Maybe if he was just a buddy of yours who happened to have an engine dyno and was doing this for cheap but at $800 he should be treating you and your engine the royal treatment.

I think at this point you should put the engine in your car and start another thread in the Small Block Mopar section. Way too many posts in here to wade through that everybody's skipping over and repeating the same **** which is annoying and not helpful to you.

We know the engine isn't internally f***ed at this point it just needs some close attention to tuning. The cranking compression is rather low, once it's off the dyno take the time and do a PROPER cam degree check. Write down your methods and results step-by-step and post them in a new thread.

Things might be disappointing and I understand your feeling unmotivated but hope is not lost, unless you drain the oil and it's full of metal lol... let's hope that's not the case.