Hoist vs stacker

You will have folks swearing that a 2 post is ‘better’ than a 4 post and vice versa. It‘s gonna down to what you‘re going to use it for the most Steve. Once you decide on which lift type, there will be folks who swear by one brand over another too.

I had a 4 post installed last year and just using it for storage last winter was worth it in my mind. Like you, my Scamp is up for most of the winter. Sure I’ll take it out on dry days when there’s no snow on the roads which happens more often than what you get back east. That might be once a month, maybe once every two months from late October to mid March. I park my daily driver under the Scamp in the winter.

I bought a rolling jack for mine so I can take the wheels off it when up. The rolling jacks are not cheap so I only bought one. If I need to take all 4 wheels off then it’s just using the jack to lift up one end to put on jack stands under, then rolling the jack to the other end and lifting that up with the jack. Yeah takes more time but I don’t see needing to have all 4 wheels off happening often.


It’s a nice problem to have to be shopping for a lift!