MSD Programmable 6AL-2 #65303 / retard curve?

Hi Guys, built a 512 for a buddy of mine, he´s got the above mentioned box for it (never used). I plotted a retard curve i think it would work ok.....what do you think? Car is a B-Body station with 3.55 gears, engine is a RB 512 with TF 240 Heads, Indy dual plane, 750 DP, Howards hydraulic roller cam 235/241 with 108LSA / .584" Lift with 1.6 Rockers, 9.5 compression. Should be a powerful cruiser.....input appreciated!

MSD retard curve#1.png

Regarding the Distributor adjustment: i want to run 36° total, 12° start retard, around 24° in the idle area. Do i set the locked distributor at 36° total then and the box is working from there?

Thanks in advance!