5 Speed swap

If you are happy with a large rpm drop between gears, go for it.
A first gear ratio of 3.83 to 1 is worthless in a car unless you’re just cruising. The 1.5 ratio drop to second gear is close to the 833 overdrive. If your car had any performance cam in it, you either have to short shift from 1 to 2 or have acceleration in 2nd be sluggish when you run it to 5500-6000 in first.
It is your decision. It is best to make them with all the information you can collect to know what downsides you’ll encounter
I’ve gotta disagree with you on the 3.83 gear being worthless in a car. Like Dion said, check out my early post (post #10), you simply need to run the appropriate rear gears.