AMD Front fenders.. Extension fit..

Yes. They fit the AMD fenders like ****. I purchased a pair of fenders from AMD for my restoration and ran into this issue too. I also had an issue with the profile/shape all along that edge where the extension meets the fender along with the gaps down the side. Also, the profile of the driver fender back where it meets the door was very flat. I ended up buying an OEM fender for one side and re-using my other OEM fender (after some rust repairs) for the other side…which in all honesty, I should have done from the start. At the time, I just wasn’t having any luck finding ‘72 fenders with them being 1 year only.

Very disappointing.The bad thing about it…when I discovered the fitment issues, well over a year had passed since I bought the fenders. AMD wouldn’t do anything to help me out.

To make the extensions fit properly, I would have needed to drill the bottom few spot welds on the headlight bucket mounting area and pull the fender skin out to make it match the profile of the extension and then re-weld it. Then figure out some other way to address the gap issue. The top area in your second picture looks a bit worst than mine but I did have that extra material in there like yours where its folded over in the area where the side of the hood rides.

For reference, I had the pot metal extensions from my 72 but ended up buying a plastic/fiberglass extension from a 70 Dart. It did fit the AMD extension a bit better but was still not passable at all.