Hoist vs stacker

Nice collection! 70 Z?? Yeah Can Tire has Maxx Jaxx at times. I, eyeballed those, still undecided, be a bit anyway.
With it only lifting 4', you dont find it awkward underneath? To me it would seem like half standing/half laying down lol.
The Z28 is actually a 73, he has a very nice collection of cars, mainly GMs, but still pretty sweet.
As for working with the Maxx Jaxx, anything I do in the brake/wheel area can be done standing up, while undercarriage work is done while sitting on a rolling stool. Perfect, no, but I was never able to stand up straight under pretty much anything on a hoist in any shop that I worked in. The lift the the black Z28 is on lifts to 7 ft, only one I've seen that goes that high. If you have the room and you want the storage space, go with a 4 post.