318 cam

This thread started out great. Way more informative than almost any other "318 cam" thread on the first 2 pages.
Unfortunately it has now degenerated into the same old thing of bashing, and "max performance" talk.

I just wish someone, anyone with more smarts than me could be bothered to take a look at the dozens of cams available in the "one step" or two steps" up category, IE doesn't need a converter or headers or final drive gear numerically higher than say 3.23 and compare them and explain what qualities make them different and how those qualities affect what the results might be like.
If you look at post #17 stock 318 with 4bbl headers and comp xe262h cam, it ain't hard to imagine how a xe250h and xe256h or similar cams would respond, the down low rpms 3500 and under probably pretty similar, above probably a drop of 10-15 ish hp for each step down and a loss of peak hp rpm by around 100 or so. An xe250h to me is similar to a 340 cam which is still a decent size over stock 318 so there is still a couple steps in between. Going up to a xe268h plus will gain top but will start to take away from bottom. Going wider lsa will tend to drop under the curve performance by a bit for each step wider. It all moves in relatively small steps.