5 Speed swap

While I don't completely disagree, remember that above stall the TC isn't going to slip. It might allow for a 1000 RPM "flair" when gently rolling through an intersection, but it isn't going to do that when it shifts at WOT. Unless I am ignorant of something, at best a TC is only going to slip maybe 5% above stall, if it a loose TC.

And a clutch can be slipped, too. If anything, I would expect a clutch to have more of an RPM flair at WOT that a TC will unless the stall is really high.

I've got to add that for most people how an AX15 with a tall gear might drive is an opinion based on theory (myself included), but for @75slant6 it is an opinion based on experience. Doesn't mean that for someone else it might be less than they hoped, but he has at least done it and can say how it feels to him rather than what he thinks it might feel like.
Now, to be fair, I’ve never driven a car with a t56, tr6060, tkx, etc. so I really can’t compare in that aspect. I did have a mustang with a T5 at one point, but that’s been 11 years ago. I also don’t have much experience driving old cars with automatics either. My only 904/727 experience was my Scamp with a slant 6. I do have a few extra small blocks and a sb 904 that I might throw in my Scamp sometime. Maybe I should replace the 7.25 with a 4.10 8.8 at that point so I can do a heads up comparison between shift points on the two? That’ll be a few years I’m sure. Lol