12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Thanks for the update. Just curious, did you soften up the shock settings for the cruisin?
I did. For reference, I ran all my autocross runs at Cruisin the Coast on 13 compression and 14 Rebound and for the "Cruisin" part I put them at 6 & 7. I haven't bothered tinkering with the cruise settings much because I was happy with my first choice. (At Moparty for the drag passes, I did go full loose on the rebound and left the compression tight.)
I am starting to think I need to try a 450lb spring and maybe tighten up the shocks more on the course. This course had a few really fast offset slalom type curves and I could feel the car rolling a bit. If the car was flatter, it would have been easier to navigate through those sections. And now after having double adjustable shocks, I want some for the rear! Where have these things been all my life...

Side note, the fairly even tire wear is impressive. The insides edges of the front appear to be doing work just like the outside edges. This further validates the temperature measurements I took at Moparty. Maybe my alignment wasn't aggressive enough with the T-bars, but I never had tire wear this even before.

@HemiDenny I am planning on starting a new thread in the suspension section to compare and contrast T-Bar vs your kit once I feel like I have it sorted to the best of my knowledge level. So far, I have not been disappointed!