12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Finished off Cruisin the Coast with 550 miles on the car. It ran flawlessly the whole week. If you plan to drive your car at this event, your cooling system better be up to par. Besides the 85-90 degree ambient temps, you will sit in traffic. My car will maintain around 208 on a hot day and I did see 210 for a brief period, but it held there and came down immediately once we started moving. The cool thing about having EFI is it will add fuel to maintain the AFR once everything is heat soaked. Otherwise, it would have the same vapor lock problem as a carburetor. So the car runs the same at 210 as it would at 180.
Having never been to CtC before, I only heard of a very big Mopar meetup. So this was one of the places I wanted to attend this year. Little did I know there would be what appeared to be about 400 cars there. Here are some pics of the one that really caught my eye. There were others, but I didn't take pics.
Cool things to note on a couple of these cars.
The red 667 GTX has an RMS CoC with big brakes hiding behind those 17" steel wheels. Killer, super clean car.
The red barracuda is a bad *** car. EFI ITB on a G3 Hemi, custom chassis with Detroit Speed front suspension, huge Alcon brake calipers, and many other cool features. I never saw the owner, but I would have loved to get more information on it.
Nothing special in particular about the others. Can you tell I like Coronets and Road Runners...