12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Hey Joe, what seatbelts are you running? I did a search and didn't find that you posted anything about that.

I'm debating about pivoting to a '73 Duster for my G3/T56 swap and leaving my Duster LA powered and more stock. One drawback to the '73 is the seatbelts, I like that the '74 has a more modern 3 point setup. Been kind of looking around to see if anyone has talked about what and how in regards to seatbelts and figured you always have good solutions to things like that.
I got them from seat belts plus. Pretty much just took a chance with them and they are pretty good. It does rub my neck a bit but not terrible. I chalk it up to being old car problems since modern cars have adjustable heights now.

1971-74 Mopar A B E Body Seat Belts - 3 Point Conversion - Bucket Seats - Starburst Buckle