12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

‘73 should have a shoulder belt anchor. Does that ‘73 still have the detachable shoulder belt that hooks to a stud on the lap belt?

Yep, has the shoulder belt anchor but they are the detachable shoulder belts. At least I don't have to build an anchor in the roof.

1974 was the first year for fully retractable seatbelts, but was kind of clunky in their application due to a ratcheting mechanism. 1975 was better as they went to an inertia mechanism, and it is a bolt-in to a 1974. At least, as I understand it.

I got them from seat belts plus. Pretty much just took a chance with them and they are pretty good. It does rub my neck a bit but not terrible. I chalk it up to being old car problems since modern cars have adjustable heights now.

1971-74 Mopar A B E Body Seat Belts - 3 Point Conversion - Bucket Seats - Starburst Buckle


For @DionR, my seat belts are in fact from from seat belt planet. They’re a custom set because they didn’t have an application for a Duster at the time, they’re 140" length, 12" sleeve (bucket seats), 8" extension on the shoulder loop. I feel like they fit pretty well with placement of the belt for me anyway.

3 Point Retractable Seat Belt with All Metal Push Button Buckle


Started working on trying to buy the '73 so unless the deal falls through I will almost certainly have to do something like this.