12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Thanks for the comparison. I had 1.08 sway away bars.

Double adjustable shocks are the $hit! Besides being able to tune it on the track, I love that I can tame it down for normal street driving. I will get some for the back in the future.

Ok, so the 1.08’s wheel rate is ~267 lb/in based on my old calculations. So your 400 lb/in springs would have basically the same wheel rate as the 1.08” torsion bars did.

I’m pretty happy with the non-adjustable Hotchis Fox shocks I’ve got now for what I’m doing with the car, which is 100% street driving. But yeah, when I start doing competitive stuff with it I’m sure being able to have a “race” and a “street” setting will be pretty handy.