12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

I run the ProCar rally series seats in my Duster. You can see them in the picture I posted above for the seat belt. They have nice bolsters to keep you from sliding around in the corners but don't appear out of place even with the rest of the stock interior. The regular size is a bit on the small side, they're fine for me but at 5'8" and 160 lbs I'm not exactly big. They make a XL version that's a bit wider.

Procar 80-1000-51L Procar Rally Series 1000 Seats | Summit Racing

Procar 80-1000-51L-XL Procar Rally XL Recliner Seats | Summit Racing

I ran stock bucket seats in my Challenger for the whole 70k+ miles I drove it before I tore it down for repair, and I have to say I don't think I'd run factory buckets even on the street in anything I was going to be driving a lot. They're just not all that comfortable, especially for a car that take corners with some speed. You're always sliding around on them, even with 3 point belts.