12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

This G3 has been staring at me for months and I've just neglected it. I guess its time to give it some love. My 5.7 came with the engine harness when I bought it and a while back I separated the harness to get rid of the wires I wouldn't be using on a stand alone controller. The harness was long enough to get to my main bulkhead, so why not just use the wires that are already terminated at the various connectors. This saves me time and money. I never looked at the actual wiring in any depth until this week. After digging in, I quickly realized the factory uses a common ground for all the injectors and coils. This means the factory ECM switches the power side. My MS3X requires constant power to the injectors and coils and it switches the ground. Not a big deal, I simply cut the common connections out of the harness so I can make my own. So now I essentially have 2 wires coming from each injector and coil with no factory splices. Those paying attention may ask why didn't I just use the common connection for power to those items. The simple answer is, I currently have the power broken up into right bank/left bank, coil/injector power. After I wired the car this way I thought it was silly to separate each bank of injectors/coils. Until one day a fuse for the left bank injectors somehow wiggled loose while I was driving. The engine still ran on 4 cylinders and got me home. So instead of rewiring everything to reduce the power circuits going out to the engine, I'll keep my unplanned failsafe in tact.
Another fun thing I found, 2 injector wires on the left bank are the same color, which is also the same color as the common (previously ground) wire. The ground is a larger wire gauge, but this is still dumb. This also proves that even though wires are the same color, it would be in your best interest to ring them out with a meter.

Factory common splice that was hidden in the harness. There were 3 of these.
wire 2.jpg