67 twin turbo dart

Here's my opinion, which isn't worth $hit since I have zero experience tuning a turbo combination.
Isn't a 210lb injector good for 1200-1500HP? I don't know how much HP your motor makes NA, but let's assume you need to put about 20psi boost in that thing to get anywhere close to that power. You're seeing 5psi with a duty cycle of 55%. The numbers don't add up for me. Heck even at idle, I wouldn't expect to see 40%! This higher duty cycle has to be related to the lower than suggested fuel psi. I'm sure this is fine at lower cruising RPM, but what happens when you get into bigger boost and your duty cycle is maxed out and the injector can't move enough fuel with the lower pressure. You would have to hit 11.5 psi before you even get to the designed rating of the injector. That's territory I wouldn't want to play in. I'm sticking with my recommendation to increase base fuel psi. I don't know if the fuel table automatically re-scale if you change injector data- someone else would have to answer that. If they don't re-scale, you will be practically starting from zero again on your fuel maps.