Can't get Pro Parts headers to fit.

pretty sure tti makes those these days. are you sure the engine is in th eproper position? over the years i've installed a few sets of proparts (well before tti started making them). mine weren't step headers like that. they were the same size primary all the way. driver side was always pretty easy to install. i could put the headers one and off without moving the engine at all. it is possible they their bend isn't exactly correct. years ago after installing a set for a friend i went to put a set on one of my cars and the one that loops over the steering column (#7) wouldn't fit. i couldn't figure out why because i had just installed a set not long before.. turns out that they had a bad batch where that one pipe was aflatter turn then the set i installed on my friends... i ended up contacting proparts, they had me mark where the tube was hitting and send it back. aure enough the pipe was wrong. they sent me a new properly bent pipe.