Wheel hop. 68 383 4 spd

nobody makes springs for my car... and the springs i have are closer in nature to bits of wet string than springs

i got over this problem with traction bars/slapper bars

lakewood generic
2 bars with flat plates and 2 big square U bolts per side

Lakewood 20475 Lakewood Traction Bars

I added a 1.5 inch block at the back mount to get the bar level under the car. didn't fancy catapulting myslef upside down should i catch one on a curb

replace the utterly crap lakewod front snubbers with lower A body front suspension snubbers
align the peakof the snubber with the bottom of the front spring eye on each side
Go race

no issues any more
i have not lost any teeth since and my sperm count is now back to normal

this ia a very 1970s way of doing things But yes Sir it works

leaves the line striaght or in cloud of rubber smoke slightly sideways if i over cook it, but the car is not trying to shake itself to bits. heavy clutch butstandard plate so i don't snap expensive things

pinion sunbber might work well with a locked diff???
but i have a torsen diff and standard shocks and the diff still has its off set centre

£40 second-hand well-spent
i could have spent on springs n shocks n snubbers n well lots of new things but pointless for 3 visits to the track each year in a Run-What-Ya-Brung class on street radials