'66 Valiant Running Hotter than Expected

Haven’t followed my build threads I see! My cars are spotless show cars. Bugs are not allowed to remain after each drive. No expense spared restorations with as much OEM stuff I can find. The radiator hose thing I’m my opinion is a bit of a myth. They did that back in the day because they pulled a vacuum on the system in the factory to get air out. Hoses today are much stiffer as well (again I’m fussy and only use the best I can find in todays world. Dayco and Delco are the best most stiff hose I can find)

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Very, very nice rides, I do beg to differ with the hoses sucking closed, as thru the decades of experience, I have actually seen it occur, but most folks don't look at the bottom rad hose, if it can be seen, and don't look at it when revving at hiway speed.
I've literally seen a few hoses suck flat at 3k rpm, especially older soft hoses without a spring.
The spring has a very valid use, especially when using higher capacity pumps, pulleys, and rpms way above factory "normal", and the rad is/isn't partially restricted .
Good luck