Figured id share my garbage..

So, basically what started years ago with "wonder how much abuse itll take" and me beating on my NA smogger 440, its not somehow grown into a stealth headed, single billet 80mm (T6 divided, 1.32ar) vs racing turbo.

Basic run down from top to bottom: Dual needle and seat CSU 850, swap meet special 60 dollar team G manifold, OOTB stealth heads (didnt even really look at them, just threw copper spray on the cometics and slapped them on) completely stock bottom end '74 440, I didnt gap the rings, I half checked a rod bearing when I did the rear main seal, and its got a .509 cam stabbed in it. I had a cam ground for the combo, but let's face it, ill never install it. Stainless 2.5" hotside (didnt go 3" to keep the velocity up since its a foot brake street car) then the nice topper is a 4" fender dump. Im "that guy" and thatll probably never change. Plan is pump e85, start off around 10-12psi and cross my fingers with it.

A true, untouched low mileage short block that got fogged street hemi orange.
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Few years ago, na 440, 68 front clip dirty road on a 26x8.5 slick
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Okay I was just making sure it was your car I commented on YouTube.