12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

I've always wondered what the mod did when Shelby lowered the UCA mount on the GT350 1". After all this, makes sense that he was getting the UCA sloped down towards the center of the car and changing the roll center. Cool.

Have to admit that I am a little disappointed with the COC claim that they handle better if the suspension geometry has the UCA's sloping down from the center of the car and the roll center underground.

@HemiDenny, seems like you have a "Super Slammer" kit or something? Does that move the k-frame and LCA up on the chassis, thereby raising the top of the spindle in relation to the UCA chassis mount?
To be fair, I've never seen Denny claim his kits offer better handling. That's kinda where I come in. Also, Denny doesn't force you to a specific spindle like some others do.

I know QA1 is claiming improved handling and I'd really love for someone to take measurements so we can all learn.