12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

I've always wondered what the mod did when Shelby lowered the UCA mount on the GT350 1". After all this, makes sense that he was getting the UCA sloped down towards the center of the car and changing the roll center. Cool.

Have to admit that I am a little disappointed with the COC claim that they handle better if the suspension geometry has the UCA's sloping down from the center of the car and the roll center underground.

@HemiDenny, seems like you have a "Super Slammer" kit or something? Does that move the k-frame and LCA up on the chassis, thereby raising the top of the spindle in relation to the UCA chassis mount?

Tim is correct, HDK never claims they make the cars handle better.....I will however claim that the car will drive a whole lot different. Dropping a few pounds with the ability to (easily) be more aggressive on the the alignment specs to match our modern tires is the name of the game. Add the additional room afforded by the elimination the OEM steering and torsion bars that allow for easier powertrain transplants and it is a win / win for us Mopar hot rodders. Definitely not for everyone, especially those that want to keep their OEM ride.

For the record......Tim has an off the shelf / standard HDK package, not a "Slammer" or "Super Slammer" . Those packages were built for specific customers that wanted to lower the body to the extent they required extensive fabrication like raising the transmission tunnel and the OEM inner fenders. And yes, in those versions, as the the body drops, the K frame and its pivot points are raised. On most of the "slammer" builds standard length upper ball joints were used.

I am grateful for Tims input and glad to reciprocate with HDK "help" wherever possible.