12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Wasn't really calling Denny out on that, more of a general statement.

What other options are there for spindles with the HDK?

QA1 also uses M2 "style" spindles which I am betting results in a less that perfect UCA arrangement. Maybe they ship with an extended UBJ like you put in? Betting not though. Sorry, but feels like bad advertising rather than truth to me.

I really do think that the mindset for most is that a COC is needed to make an old car handle all because a Chevy really does need a new front suspension design to make it handle. And thus all makes need one because, like, Chevy is the best so if they need it so do we. Duh. :D
Any Mustang 2 spindle will work on the HDK. However, I think the new ride tech spindle for chevelles will work. I found a steering arm that will provide the same steering angle as the M2. It would just be a matter of using the correct ball joints. The best part about the HDK is the adjustability and adaptability.
If a GM spindle will work, a whole new realm of brake options open up.