12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Any Mustang 2 spindle will work on the HDK. However, I think the new ride tech spindle for chevelles will work. I found a steering arm that will provide the same steering angle as the M2. It would just be a matter of using the correct ball joints. The best part about the HDK is the adjustability and adaptability.
If a GM spindle will work, a whole new realm of brake options open up.

So you didn't try the ride tech spindle, right? Would be interesting to see how that all works. Did that spindle accept the wheel bearing you are already running?

The QA1 kit start with M2 spindle but they modify the steering arm. "QA1 spindles start as Mustang II components and have modified steering arms. Standard Mustang II spindles cannot be used."