12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Its all good.

The difference in the steering feel is best described as a more modern precise feel. I don't consider that any part of handling but I can't help how some might look at it.

Yes, the widely used Mustang II spindle is shorter than our OEM Mopar spindles, hence the extended upper ball joint to help out.

Tims package is as unique as any other package is unique.......all kinds of different ride heights and tire diameters which IMO generally effect the UCA angle. Tim is getting his dialed in for what works best for Tims application. On my personal Duster, I run a lot taller (27") tire (raising the spindle pin / raising the upper ball joint ), and tucked further inward allowing the chassis UCA attaching points to be lower to the ground. My UCAs have a nice downward towards the center of the car angle to them.....but that is my application......coffee getter.

The Slammer / Super Slammer are designed for those that want to lower ONLY the body (I think they used to call it challeling) keeping the suspension at OEM height.....so naturally you would have to raise the driveline (tunnel) and the inner front fenders for tire clearance. I have found over the decades that while many like to talk about such a project, most do not want to do the mods and are looking for something that simply bolts in.....so they are not a big sellers.

no offense to the TB people......I own cars with them. Simply, a rack / coilovers are not for every project and everyone.. The HDK UCAs (available separately) allow for increase caster without the bind, something that most struggle with using strictly OEM components.

It is fun to work with the innovative guys here on FABO. Rarely a dull moment and that is the way I like it!