12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

Is there a company that already builds the fabricated spindle you’re talking about, or were you just planning to design and have a set made? Reason I ask, is I’ve got a future project that I’m considering using Challenger 5x115 wheels on anyway, so the Challenger hubs would work perfectly for me.

It’s my own design. One of the 4x4 shows did a fabricated spindle and a GM truck hub but it was more of a box built with plates. That won’t work for me, so my idea is layered high strength plates welded together. There is some trickery to it to make it all bolt up, like flipping the hub 180 compared to the OEM application. But the Vette hubs are like that (one bolt on the bottom) so not an unheard of orientation. It does take a welder and one machined piece for the upper BJ connection. But the rest is all just laser cut plates from SendCutSend or similar.

I thought about just accepting the 115mm bolt pattern and buying a different set of wheels, but I already have the front wheels in 5x4.5 so not excited about throwing those away.

Right now, it is just an idea and a somewhat developed layout though.