12:05 Garage- ’70 Duster build

@HemiDenny , @DionR , @75slant6 , check this out! This is another Ride Tech product that come with their Mustang kits. It uses a S550 Mustang hub, so the bolt pattern is 5x4.5. They also have a caliper brackets that will allow the use of the S550 brake components. I'm not seeing these parts listed individually on their webpage, only included in kits. I kinda wish I would have found this earlier. This open options to use a factory Brembo caliper and have parts store availability for replacement parts.

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That’s cool!

I looked at using a Mustang front hub but everything I found used a stub on the spindle. Those are rear hubs and appear to have a bolt in the middle to simulate the axle squeezing the wheel bearings. I didn’t want to come up with a way to build that bolt, so I ignored the rear hubs. But the bolt isn’t a wear item so in theory once you have a set you never need another one. And in the end, it’s probably just a bolt, not splined like I was thinking it would need to be.

Using a Mustang hub really would be the best. The CPP hubs or a re-drilled C7 hub means you can’t just buy a replacement if you are on the road. Unless you just go to a GM bolt pattern all the way around.

The other reason I ignored those hubs was the 4 bolt flange. I need a single bolt in the middle at the bottom so the ball joint bolts clear. Didn’t think of rotating them 90 degrees like that though.